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What is Dynamic DNS?

Re: Dynamic DNS
Dynamic DNS is a service for people whose Internet Service Providers (ISPs) assign them a dynamic (different each time) IP address when they connect to the Internet. The service allows users to have a static domain name that always points to their current dynamic IP address. A common way to overcome this problem has been to get a static IP address from your Internet Service Provider, so that when you connect to the Internet, you will always be assigned the same IP address. Many ISPs charge around US$100 or more per year for this service, and some charge considerably more. Dynamic DNS is a service that associates your current dynamically assigned IP address with a static domain name, allowing you to access your computer remotely, or set up a web, ftp, telnet, mail, irc, or similar server on your machine, without the expense associated with a static IP address. The service takes just minutes to set up, and provides an inexpensive alternative to static IPs without any drawbacks in functionality. With a Dynamic DNS account from, the Dynamic DNS client, running on your machine, can be used to send your current dynamic IP address (each time you log on with your ISP) to's server, which will change the IP associated with your static domain name (e.g. if your Dynamic DNS Username is yourname). Packets sent to will then be directed to your current dynamic IP address, whatever it may be, so that those packets can be appropriately be handled by your web, ftp, telnet or other Internet server.

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