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When do you need Dynamic DNS?

Re: When do you need Dynamic DNS?
If you own a domain name on the Internet then you need Dynamic DNS. Dynamic DNS can be very useful if you access the Internet with a Dialup modem, cable modem, DSL modem, etc. More later about how it can also be useful even if you have a static IP address. More often these days, you are given a DHCP address when using the Internet. If you’ve invested in the ‘Domain Name Game’, and you have a DHCP address, you’ll want our help to make your domain names follow you wherever you go. Most likely, your IP address changes each time you log onto the Internet or your ISP periodically changes your IP address. This makes it hard to host any services on your computers, I.E. www server, ftp server, smtp server, pop3 server, netmeeting, game rooms, etc. Dynamic DNS from gives you the flexibility to point any host name anywhere at anytime without waiting for the typical 1-3 day TTL (Time-To-Live) to expire or the typical waiting game with domain registrars to update root servers.

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