on Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4-Workstation, 2000-Professional
(Multiple web-sites with different domain names on the same IP address)

PWS does not support multiple web-sites directly like IIS on NT/2000-Server.

It does however support redirecting HTTP requests through ASP script, which provides a method for hosting multiple sites on the same IP address.

For example let say you have 3 domain names (dom1.com, dom2.com and dom3.com) and want to host a different web-site for each one.

First, in the web server root directory, create a sub-directory for each site.
For example:


Place all the html, image, asp, etc. files for each web-site in the appropriate sub-directory.

Next in the web server root directory, create a default asp file

- with the following script code:

   Select Case Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_HOST")
   Case "dom1.com", "www.dom1.com"
      Response.Redirect "http://www.dom1.com/dom1"
   Case "dom2.com", "www.dom2.com"
      Response.Redirect "http://www.dom2.com/dom2"
   Case "dom3.com", "www.dom3.com"
      Response.Redirect "http://www.dom3.com/dom3"
   End Select

Modify the directory names and script code to match your domain names.
You should also add script code for error checking etc.

Each incoming HTTP request will now be redirected to the appropriate sub-directory.

PLEASE NOTE: Microsoft Personal Web Server (PWS) limits the maximum number of simultaneous connections, and thus may not be appropriate for busy web-sites.

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