has its primary data center presence in the AIS LWDC facility in San Diego.  If you are one of our colocation neighbors in that facility, we may be able to help you save some money on bandwidth!

AIS has two bandwidth options, their premium bandwidth which runs on RouteScience equipment, and a discount bandwidth (DBB) option.  The premium bandwidth is great but pricey, the discount one is less expensive but has had its problems in recent months with poor routes, DDOS, etc. 

There are other cariers in the building, but each wants a significant commit and the per Mb price doesn't get into reasonable territory until you are willing to commit to a gig pipe.

Enter We have multiple connections and more bandwidth than we can use.  Our primary provider is Level(3).  Since we have committed to a significant amount of Bandwidth, our price is low. 

If you are paying several hundred or more a month for just a few meg, you need to give us a call. Use the bandwidth page to see our price (you pay for the cross connect).  Cheap, reliable bandwidth is only a phone call away: (866) 811-5473 

AIS Lightwave San Diego Colocation
American Internet Services
9305 Lightwave Ave
San Diego, CA 92123

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