More and more people rely on personal computers and laptops these days for entertainment, hobbies, school and work.  Have you ever taken the time to stop and think about the kinds of things you would miss if your computer was broken?  If you lost your data, you'd lose your photos, downloaded music, school and work papers, financial information, tax returns, address and contact information, and more.

Bad Things Can Happen

A recent study suggests as many as one in ten hard drives in home computers will fail this year.  In fact, most hard disk drives are only waranteed for 3 years.  Even expensive professional disk drives are waranteed for only 5 years.  That means the disk manufacturers expect the drive to stop working eventually, and likely not too far beyond the warantee period.

Failed hard drives aren't the only reason to keep good backups.  There are a variety of other reasons a good backup will serve you well.  Theft, virus infections, accidental deletion, fire and flood can all contribute to losing your important data.

Are Backups A Hassle?

Keeping your computer backed up can be a big hassle.  Yes, Windows comes with a backup program, but it is a clunky to set up and use.  Even if you get it set up, the backup is only as good as where you choose to store it.  Where will you put it?  On the same hard drive you are backing up?  On an external hard drive?

You really have to give some thought to what you are trying to accomplish with your backup.  If you are just guarding against accidental data loss (say, if that hard drive fails), then backing up to an external drive will work.  But, what about things like a flood or fire in your home?  Something like that would likely destroy both your computer and your external hard drive.  Say goodbye to your backup!

Online Backup is the Best Choice

Online backup really is a great choice.  Since your data is stored securely in a remote location, you enjoy the greatest level of protection.  Even if your house burns down, your most recent data is still safe and can easily be retrieved. is now offering it's Easy-Backup for home and personal users for just $49.95 per year.  We provide you with easy to use and fully functional software to perform the backups.  You set it up once and then rest easy knowing your data is being safely stored in our state of the art data centers. 

Your data is encrypted twice, both as it leaves your computer and again in the connection to's backup servers.  This double encryption prevents anyone from reading your data.  After the initial backup, our software only transmits changes to your files, so bandwidth requirements are not too high. 

Our software is Java based, so it runs on both Windows and Mac computers.

Free Trial

Take our software for a free trial.  We'll let you use it for free for thirty days (max backup space for trial users is 50 MB).


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