PortableIP™ is the answer to blocked ports and DHCP IP Addresses!

Use a PortableIP™ static IP address to get free and unrestricted access to all ports.

Even if your ISP restricts some ports, your PortableIP™ IP address gets all traffic through!

We've all experienced the frustration: your ISP blocks some ports; you don't want to pay a lot for a static IP address; you want to change providers but don't want to hassle with your IP address changing.

MyServer.org has the solution to these headaches: PortableIP™.  We lease you an IP address, and it will never change as long as you keep your account up to date.  In addition, we provide a VPN tunnel through which your traffic will be forwarded.  Incoming traffic routes to our network, through the tunnel, and comes out at your servers!


128K 64K $9.99
1M 256K $19.99
2M 512K $29.99
5M 1M $59.99
10M 2M $109.99

All prices are monthly, US Dollars. A $9.99 setup fee applies, but will be waived on 3 month or longer commitment.


Note: PortableIP requires some expertise in tunneling and routing. We can assist with FAQs, but this product is not for newbies or technophobes.

Without PortableIP

without PortableIP
Without PortableIP™, your ISP can block ports and prevent you from running web, email and VOIP servers.  Even if your mail gets through, many servers will reject it because it originates from a DHCP address.

With PortableIP from MyServer.org

with PortableIP
With PortableIP™, your traffic is immune to ISP blocks as it leaves their network through a secure tunnel.  Mail servers will see you as coming from a static IP address and will be more willing to accept your mail.

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