Your own dedicated server without having to deal with setup and potential hardware issues!

Why go through the hassle of purchasing servers and operating systems and the worry of potential hardware failures?  Virtualization is all the rage, and brings it to you at great rates! 

We provide fully configured virtual servers with 64GB of disk space, 1 static IP address, and 1MB of bandwidth included.  You have full administrative rights and can use them to run mail servers, web sites, or anything requiring a dedicated server.  Why wait for your IT or purchasing department to get that new server online? Be up and running in no time with!


 Windows Server  FreeBSD  Debian  VMWare 

Microsoft and the Windows logo are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation. VMWare is trademark of VMWare Inc. Debian and FreeBSD are trade names for their respective organizations.

All prices are monthly, US Dollars. A $99.00 setup fee applies, but will be waived for committment to 1 year of service or longer.

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