Our port sniffer detected your external routable IP address as

If the IP address above is not your IP address your ISP may have some type of caching or proxy server on their network.
You may wish to try our port sniffer using another port using the custom port option.

The results shown above indicate open ports with active services which opened on them. If you received an error double check your router/firewall settings, the settings on the particular server you were trying to query for activity on, and that the server was listening on the specified port. After you make the appropriate changes to your software/hardware you may reload this page to rerun the test.

If the port sniffer detects a a server but you are unable to access it from within your local network please take a look at this article from our support area.

Still having trouble? Check out our support area for many useful articles on configuring specific types of servers. We also have a support forum that you may use to post any type of technical questions you may have.

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